how and what to feed the flowers in the fall

With a lack of nutrients in indoor plants, flowering and growth worsens, their appearance suffers. Fertilizers do not have to be bought in flower shops, they can be prepared independently from the means at hand.

Top dressing from organic matter actively saturates the substrate with useful substances, promotes colonization by microorganisms necessary for development, writes Rastenievod. In autumn, fertilizers are applied less frequently than in spring and summer, otherwise the flowers will not be able to properly prepare for the dormant period. Enough top dressing once every four weeks. The exception is houseplants that bloom in autumn, they are fed in the same way as in summer.

Some simple ingredients can be used as home fertilizers.


Almost all indoor plants love sugar. Glucose gives flowers a charge of vitality and ensures good absorption of organic compounds. For top dressing, it is recommended to dissolve two teaspoons of sugar in a liter of water. Plants should be watered with this composition no more than once every 30 days.


Thanks to yeast, the process of mineralization of organic substances proceeds faster. They also contribute to the production of macronutrients and improve the vital activity of important microorganisms in the soil.

For irrigation, it is necessary to dissolve 1 g of yeast and 1.5 tbsp in half a liter of warm water. l. Sahara. Top dressing is carried out once every four weeks.

banana peel

To prepare the infusion, take a fresh peel from a banana, finely cut it. Fill a glass jar with it, and then pour boiling water over it. The infusion will be ready in a day. To feed indoor plants, the infusion is diluted with clean water in a ratio of 1: 3 and the flowers are watered once every two weeks.

Sometimes houseplants start to get sick and wither. In some cases, this is due to improper feeding. Experts talked about major mistakes and how to give flowers all the nutrients they need.

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