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This Thursday morning a hot air balloon was blown away by a gust of wind while trying to land. Despite the seriousness of the event, the people who were still inside the basket did not suffer injuries, only a nervous breakdown.

According to the first reports, the events were recorded around 09:00 hours, while a hot air balloon from the Sky Balloons Mexico company was flying over to the Archaeological Zone of Teotihuacán; however, he had to make an emergency landing in the community of Santa María Acolman.

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The balloon, after losing altitude and touching the ground on Río Nextlalpan street between Morelos and Hidalgo, was dragged by a strong gust of wind, which prevented the 12 passengers from reaching down from the basket.

As a result of this, the auxiliary authorities of the community together with the municipal police and Civil Protection arrived at the scene of the events, where they allowed a group of paramedics to check the crew members, among whom were 3 Costa Ricans, 2 North Americans and 7 Mexicans who did not need to be transferred to a hospital.

Omar Olvera, Commissioner of Public Security, confirmed that the incident had not left any people injured despite the fact that the balloon touched some electricity cables that caused several houses to be left without electricity.

In addition to this, he added that the owners of the hot air balloon were brought before the conciliatory judge to take responsibility for the possible damage caused to the homes.

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It is noteworthy that with this there are four mishaps of this type so far in 2022 on the Teotihuacán Archaeological Zone, which have left at least a dozen people injured.

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