Hooded men take facilities and declare a strike in Prepa 5 and FES Acatlán – El Sol de México

A group of hooded men took over the facilities of the Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) Acatlán and the National Preparatory School Number 5, of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

In High School Number 5, around 15 hooded people took over the campus because they did not comply with the petition document delivered last Monday, where they demand the expulsion of groups of porriles.

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The hooded men, who assured that they would not hand over the facilities until their demands were met, forced the evening shift students to leave the campus.

Meanwhile, at the Acatlán College of Higher Studies, another group of hooded men declared a 72-hour strike.

The protesters, who repeatedly shouted “we want what is fair”, demand improvements in the facilities, revision of buildings after the 7.7 earthquake on September 19, measures against gender violence and greater security.

During the takeover of the campus, the hooded men were confronted by teachers, who opposed the takeover of the Directorate.

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So far, the National Autonomous University of Mexico has not issued any statement, but the capital authorities reported that there were no disturbances of public order, while the preventive police remain at a distance.

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