Hitmen steal a truck and generate a lawsuit between police and GN in Sinaloa – El Sol de México

Culiacán, Sin.- A commando broke into a pension of vehicles insured by authorities Y subtracted the Toyota Tundra truck, which just Wednesday had been confiscated by municipal agents.

In fact, in the action police items of the corporation held an alternation with National Guard personnel, since both police and guards persecuted the occupants of the Unit.

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However, it was at the edge of dawn this Thursday, between 4 and 5 in the morning, when armed individuals showed up at the pension located by the Heroic Causeway Military Schoolin the colony Miguel of the Madridnear the Mercado de Abastos, and subdued the guards under threat of death.

Immediately afterwards, the criminals entered the pension and took the truck. toyota tundra gray color that generated discord between cops Y guards nationals.

The unit was detected on Wednesday circulating without license plates Botanical Gardenso the police began to follow her, then the guards national and on the avenue John of the Barrierin the Ignacio Allende neighborhood, they left it abandoned.

Supposedly, the occupant(s) ran between the streets of sectorhowever, witnesses reported that they saw when the cops They left get away to the mens knowing that the National Guard was coming behind.

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The fight arose because the guards pretended put to provision the unit, when legally, according to sources, it corresponded to the cops for being the first responders in the case.

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