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One of the most popular bands in terms of regional Mexican music is undoubtedly Grupo Firme, which next week will have a free presentation in the country’s capital.

However, for those fans who cannot attend the Zócalo in Mexico City, the government of the capital has a surprise, and that is that the concert will be broadcast on television and the Internet.

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Where can you see the Grupo Firme concert in the Zócalo?

According to a Twitter post, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, announced that the Grupo Firme concert will have a transmission through the internet and television channels, which are:



  • Claudia Sheinbaum’s social networks
  • Social networks of the Government of Mexico City

When does Grupo Firme appear in the Zócalo of CDMX?

A few days ago, it was that the head of government through her social networks announced that the Mexican group would perform in the capital’s Zócalo on September 25.

The performers of “Ya supérame” one of his main hits, along with “Yo ya no vuelvo tú” have been previously recognized, because in May, Sheinbaum gave Grupo Firme a recognition for the outstanding musical career and “for breaking with stereotypes chauvinists and promote inclusion and respect for sexual and gender diversity”.

Jhonny Caz, member and vocalist of Grupo Firme, has always defended his sexual preferences and in concerts of the group he has waved the gay flag as a show of support in a music industry, like the band, which is characterized by being macho.

“Many people say that I am in a macho genre, where we were not well received in the community, but maybe what was missing was that, a figure that will change it,” said the singer.

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“When my sexual orientation is revealed, a whole movement is made that to this day is giving me these opportunities. I am happy, delighted and I have always said that if I can support a community that has supported me and filled me with so much love…, then I must reciprocate, so my support will be complete.

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