Governor of Hidalgo calls Osorio Chong to vote in favor of the reform on the Army in the streets – El Sol de México

This Wednesday will be held in the Senate of the Republic the discussion and vote on the reform to extend until 2028 the use of military force in public security in the country.

Given this, the governor of Hidalgo, Julio Menchaca Salazar, called on his former colleagues, the PRI senators from Hidalgo Nuvia Mayorga and Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, to vote in favor of the project that arose from the initiative of the PRI through the deputy Yolanda of the tower.

“For the good of the people, I make a respectful call to @Nuvia_Mayorga and @osoriochong, senator and senator from Hidalgo, to protect the safety of the citizens in the voting exercise of the reforms that will consolidate the @GN_MEXICO. It is time to make a homeland, “said the local president through his social networks.

Yesterday, while the Senate Plenary held the first reading of the initiative approved last week in the Chamber of Deputies, Senator Raúl Paz Alonso announced that he was leaving the PAN bench to join Morena, with what the President’s party has, so far, with 76 votes, but requires 10 more to add 86 of the 128 senators and thus obtain the qualified majority so that the project has the green light.

Senator Ricardo Monreal, coordinator of Morena in the Senate, pointed out that in the plenary session all the senators decided to support the bill that comes from the Chamber of Deputies and support the public security effort of the federal Executive.

He acknowledged that his group and the allies do not have a qualified majority, but he is in talks with coordinators of other parliamentary groups and individual senators, to seek agreements.

|| With information from Javier Divany | The Sun of Mexico ||

note published in Hidalgo’s Sun

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