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The government of New Lion terminated the program cross-border vaccination against him covidwhich has been taking place since August of last year on the border, within the territory of Texas.

At the end of the program, it was reported that more than 290,000 people were vaccinated, including adults and minors.

the owner of state health, Soul Moroccan Rosereported that during this time 189 thousand 200 students and 108 thousand 100 workers.

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He recalled that this entity was the first Condition in vaccinating minors, and ensures that with the vaccination cross-border was allowed reactivation economy and the return of face-to-face classes.

the secretary of Health rejected that the closure of the program is the result of the attack last Monday when a group of mens armed men shot and confronted state police agents who were guarding a convoy of some 50 private vehicles that were traveling to the municipality of Anahuacin the Columbia Bridge for vaccinate to his children.

“It is a subject that we came working for months, especially weeks ago”, he ended by pointing out the official.

on the attack he died one element and three more were injured, later it was reported that the program was temporarily suspended, until Health will determine.

However, this Thursday It is reported that it concludes, definitively.

Initially, it was taken by bus to the Texas border, through the City of Laredoto workers of private companies, and later to minors.

Then it was changed to the border of New Lion with Texasin Colombiaabout 200 kilometers north of Monterey.

Secondly, Moroccan reported that the fifth wave of covidwhile the traffic light epidemiological remains green, while 93 percent of the population has at least one vaccine against the coronavirusand 90 percent with the complete scheme.

However, it will follow vaccination a minors of age Y Adults who have been left behind.

As far as the monkeypoxthe Secretary of Health explained that 13 cases have been registered in New Lionwhile they have discarded to 43 patients and five are pending results, but none have required hospitalization.

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