Gerardo Arrazola is appointed bankruptcy conciliator for Interjet – El Sol de México

Gerardo Sierra Arrazola was designated as conciliator in the commercial bankruptcy of Interjet. The deputy director general of the airline, Carlos del Valle, confirmed to The Sun of Mexico designation by the federal government.

“Today I had a meeting with him, to share the great work we have done and express all our support in documentation or whatever he deals with,” said the manager.

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counter for the Ibeoamerican UniversitySierra Arrazola has experience as a bankruptcy conciliator by playing this role in the company’s commercial bankruptcy Altan Networksoperator of the Red Compartida, this by designation of the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT).

He was also named by National Electoral Institute (INE) as a specialist in the liquidation process of parties that lost their registration for not obtaining the minimum votes to continue operating.

At the end of August, the Second District Court for Bankruptcy Matters of Mexico City accepted the commercial bankruptcy for Interjet, so that the company can carry out its financial restructuring and continue operating.

The sentence established a stage of conciliation of 185 calendar days in which the airline will be able to negotiate its debt.

“It is ordered that during the conciliation stage all orders of seizure or execution against the assets and rights of the merchant be suspended,” the resolution indicated.

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The airline founded by the Alemán family and today in the hands of the Del Valle family, must make available to the bankruptcy conciliator its books, records and other documentsas well as the necessary resources to pay for publications and registration costs foreseen in the Commercial Bankruptcy Law.

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