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Students from France, who were part of the La Salle León exchange program, were dismissed from said program, this after making fun of Mexicans and disrespecting the National Symbols through social networks.

It was in the past days that the publications of these young French people began to go viral in León, one of them was a “selfie” of three friends, however the description of the image read “First month with the indigenous”, This immediately generated not only the annoyance of his colleagues, but also that of many network users, who began to fill the creator’s account with insults.

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In a second image, one of the young men is seen inside a bathroom with his pants down and with the tricolor flag on his legs.

Given this, the students began to demand that the institution and various government agencies, including the French embassy based in Mexico, take action on the matter, given the lack of respect for the country by these young people.

Students will return to their country

La Salle University, this Thursday afternoon published a statement on its social networks in which it details that the students from France were on an international stay within the institution, later they reported that the young people will return to their school of origin.

Based on the General Academic Regulations for Higher Level Studies, we have made the decision to terminate the exchange process for these young people; they will return to their institution of origin shortly, where they will receive the corresponding sanction”, the document reads.

It is very important to mention that a large group of French students who did not participate in these acts of disrespect for our National Symbols are currently on an international exchange at our University, so they deserve to be treated with the same cordiality with which we treat the rest of our visitors”, mentions another part of the official statement signed by the University of La Salle Bajío.

It is worth mentioning that the young French people who published the images on the social network tried to apologize through Facebook, in a publication that reads:

The two photos of my Instagram and my friend were very clumsy of us. I got a lot of messages on Instagram and I can’t even blame you, but I promise we didn’t mean to offend you. If we chose Mexico to go on an exchange, it was because we wanted to discover this country and we really enjoyed it. Our intention was never to disrespect you and your country. We talk to the administration and explain the mistake of what we did and that we regret what we have done. we’re really sorry”.

However, the message posted by foreign students was not well received by the student and Mexican community.

Note originally published in The Sun of Leon

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