Fraudsters tried to steal more than 35 million tenge using Internet banking

ALMATY. KAZINFORM Fraudsters fraudulently tried to steal more than 35 million tenge of money using the personal data of citizens, Kazinform correspondent reports.

“On the site” D …. ” fraudsters bought electronic personal data of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, after which, without the knowledge and consent of the latter, on the bank’s website, using SIM cards of mobile operators, they filled out applications for loans and, through Internet banking, withdrew the stolen funds to the accounts of nominees.

To commit crimes, fraudsters purchased equipment, registered in the personal account of the bank, by using disposable SIM cards of subscriber numbers. Further, owning the data and accounts of the bank card, they freely issued loans for various amounts,” the prosecutor’s office of Almaty reported.

By the verdict of the Medeu court, the perpetrators were sentenced for fraud on an especially large scale to six years in prison, each.

The city prosecutor’s office warns residents of the metropolis to be vigilant and not fall for the tricks of scammers.

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