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They said that lightning does not strike twice in the same place. Here there have been three.

Suddenly, magic is possible in this country, that of Breton, who claimed that in order to understand it, one should try to do it from surrealism.

If not, how do you explain Mexico and its tremors on 9/19? One was coincidence, two bad coincidence, three are already tradition.

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For the Aztecs the tremors came from the mountains, as well as the storms of this month. Something must have been known by those who knew this land, from now on, of improbable possibilities.

Because the chance of this happening, three tremors on the same date and almost at the same time, was less than 0.01% according to statistics. Yes, there was a day when it was not going to tremble, it was September 19, and yet it happened.

Bad time to be a person of reason because incomprehensible is what has become done in Mexico: September 19 sometimes trembles.

Just at the beginning of the month, an interviewee told me that she had changed her office on the 24th floor for a smaller one because it was September. Ridiculous, the writer thought. Just on Sunday night a friend recommended sleeping in pajamas and a bolillo next to him for the scare. “Clown” was won as an adjective.

Giving in to the pitorreo, before siesta I warned my wife, half jokingly and seriously: “if the alarm sounds again, now it’s serious.”

The building had not yet been shaken on Monday the 19th when all of the above came to mind. It was more embarrassment at the incredible event than fear.

Leave us alone, God. you have other warriors

It is no longer so easy to discredit those who walk in fear when there is a rainy September. Suddenly closet and superstitious fortune tellers are accurate. Now it turns out that Mhoni Seer was right.

The manifest destiny of 9/19 in Mexico is corroborated by scientifically collected data: yes, the ninth month trembles more.

According to the National Seismological Service, September 19 is already the day that more tremors of more than 7 Richter degrees or more have been recorded: 3 times since the year 1900. There are, by the way, other eleven days of the year in which they have more than one tremor of that magnitude occurred, including on September 7, the day on which it also trembled strongly in 2017 and 2021.

This Monday the 19th was 7.7 degrees, above the norm. The great relief remains that Mexico City did not dress in tragedy as it did five years ago. It’s not funny.

But that alarm, that damn seismic alarm, is already Pavlov’s bell for the Mexican. He sounds and he holds his breath listening to her, his gut churns, and then the 9/19 trembles. The trumpet before the Apocalypse.

Such extraordinary events must have a state and social response.

From the outset there is no room for mega-drills on this day, it is better to move them to another less ominous date. Because it is too cruel, and even in bad taste, to hear the alarm in simulation only to hear it again an hour later, now more seriously.

“They catch one badly standing after the drill,” a comrade told me.

It would have to become the 19th of every ninth month in National Earthquake Day.

Embrace our tectonic weirdness, make it a day to avoid tall buildings and work, to go to the countryside, to stay in drill, to keep the lines of communication clear, to do yoga and deep breathing.

A fourth occasion is no longer needed to appreciate this bizarre national reality; however, I am left with the question of what we do if in a couple of years it shakes again on the same date.

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