Fire is recorded in the women’s area of ​​Cereso 1 in Hermosillo, Sonora

A fire in the area feminine of Cereso 1, mobilized this Wednesday the personnel of Firemen of Hermosillo, Protection Civil sound Yet the State Police evicting 600 people.

According to the previous report of the authoritiesthe incident began in the carpentry area located to one side of the partition for womenwhere 364 inmates were relocated.

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However, the Secretary of Public security (SSP) announced that there is no danger and that the situation is already being addressed due to the smoke-eaters, as well as personnel from Civil protection.

While the owner of the SSP, Maria Dolores del Rio and the coordinator of Prison system, Nicollino Cangiamilla They are on site to deal with the report.

Also, elements of the PESP Y Guard National remain outside of Cereso 1 to comply with operational actions in case it is necessary to evict persons deprived of their liberty.

It was also revealed that the incident was immediately alerted to the prison authorities to mitigate the risk, until firefighters and security personnel arrived. Sound Civil Protection.

It should be noted that so far, the trahagumo they remain in work to control the fire and once it is extinguished, an expert opinion will be carried out to determine what caused the flames.

Note originally published in The Sun of Hermosillo

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