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The tension in the Royal Spanish Federation (RFEF) increased after the resignation of 15 players from the Women’s National Teamwho, given the continuity of Jorge Vilda on the bench, chose to step aside and present their retirement from the national team.

“The RFEF communicates that, throughout the day, it has received 15 emails from 15 players, all coincidentally with the same wording, in which they state that the current situation generated affects them ‘significantly’ in their ’emotional state’ and in their ‘health’ and that, ‘as long as it is not reversed’, they renounce the Spain national team.

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The players will not be allowed to question the continuity of the national coach and of his coaching staff, since making those decisions does not fall within his powers, ”they announced through a statement.

After the fall against England in the quarterfinals of the Women’s Eurocup, some of the soccer players let the Federation know that they were not happy with their strategist for some internal issues, even Vilda himself spoke at the time.

“Feeling disappointed. I feel hurt with this whole situation for the way of proceeding. The codes of soccer were transferred, ”he said at the time.

Given this, It was stressed that the fact of not attending a call with ‘La Roja’ could result in a sanction of two to five years of disqualification.

“According to current Spanish legislation, not responding would be a very serious infraction, but the RFEF, contrary to the way these players act, wants to make it clear that it will not take them to this extreme or pressure them. Directly, it will not summon the soccer players who do not want to wear the Spain shirt. The Federation will only have committed soccer players even if they have to play with youth players ”, it can be read.

Finally, The Federation made it clear that the future of Spanish football in the women’s branch is in the minor categories.

“This fact has gone from being a sporting issue to a dignity issue. The selection is non-negotiable. The present and future lies in the potential of the youth teams and of players who this summer have been proclaimed U-20 and U-19 world champions in the Euro, in addition to that U-17 European sub-championship”.

Spain has its ticket to the World Cup Australia / New Zealand 2023so these months will be crucial in the face of this fair.

Why don’t the players love their coach?

In almost 40 years in the Spanish women’s team, he has only had two coaches, the first of them is Ignatius Quereda who was in charge of the team for 30 years and a documentary called Breaking the Silence was made about his performance in the position.

In this production they presented testimonials of some players who denounced abuses in his management, both physical and emotional, however he was never dismissed.

Jorge Vilda He arrives in 2015 to be the new coach with one year’s experience in the Sub 19, but during the seven years he has been in charge, he has not managed to make his team advance considerably in the competitions.

Despite the above, the RFEF has not considered replacing it and instead they have renewed his contract, which ends in 2024.

For this reason, it is possible that the players are asking for their coach to be removed and given another one, protesting their resignation.

The complete list of players

Amaiur Sarriegi
Nerea Eizaguirre
Lola Gallardo
Sandra Cloths
Mariona Caldentey
Andrea Pereira
Aitana Bonmati
claudia pina
laia alexandri
Ona Batlle
Mapi Leon
Lucia Garccia
Leila Ouahabi
Patricia Pebble
Ainhoa ​​Moraza

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