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Inequality and lack of protection for milk producers was denounced by the PRI federal deputy, María del Refugio Camarena Jáuregui, who warned of the disappearance of small producing ranchesgiven the lack of support for the sector and the unfair competition of the government itself when importing the product from other countries.

Accompanied by members of associations of livestock producersat a press conference PRI deputy by Jalisco announced that it will present an initiative to support the sector livestock.

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He expressed his concern about the reduction of dairy farmers in the country, since he pointed out that of the 13,000 that there were until a few years ago, today there are only 4,000 that supply LICONSA.

The federal deputy of PRI led to the palace legislative of Saint Lazarus a cow to the same one that he milked and at the same time warned of the importance of this sector that more and more is seen threatened due to lack of support from the government.

The main approach is that milk is considered food and not drink, as it is currently considered, for which it will request reforms in article 215 of the General law of healthwith the purpose of giving milk the recognition of foodand not drink, as it currently does establishes the law.

On the other hand, he commented on the difficult situation experienced by the producers of milk, the program guarantee prices establishes that the price in the purchase of fluid milk It is 10 pesos, but small producers are paid 8 or 9 pesos.

In addition, another fact that harms the small producer of milk Yet the dairy industry, is inflation, which is very close to 9 percent, which has affected the scale of prices of products in the basic basket; for example, milk rose by 13 percent to the consumer, which represented the highest increase since December 1999, and the Social Milk Supply Program run by LICONSAis that since 2020 it has been decreasing its budget.

He affirmed that the list of producers who deliver fluid milk to LICONSAin 2020, it was 13 thousand producershas now decreased to a standard of less than four thousand producers of milk.

The legislator pointed out that the federal government a few months ago bought 20,000 tons of milk in dust to the state United States and by the end of this year 2022, it will buy a total of 50 thousand tons, preferring to pay 13 pesos per liter for imported milk, instead of paying them to the national producers.

The deputy businesswoman livestock explained that “a terrible fact for livestock, which obviously affects milk producers, that in 2018 what was proposed for the exercise Y 2023the budget for livestock activities has decreased by more than three billion pesos, this is 99 percent of the budget that was previously given to the livestock sector.

“If the budget proposed by the Executive Federal for SADER in the year 2023, it is more than 70 thousand 500 million pesos, which represents 100 percent of the budget of SADERto livestock they are only giving 52 million pesos, that is, 0.1 percent goes only to cattle raising.

“What is the dairy sector and the more than 800,000 ranchers that we are in the country going to do with 0.1 percent of this budget?”

Small producers who have 10 units of livestock they have to sell a vaquita every 15 days to be able to bring food home and survive, and there is a terrible percentage of our ranchers disappearing, reiterated the legislator.

“I share with you that a few moments ago I held a meeting with representatives of the Executive commission bovine-dairy, with FEMELECHE, CANILEC, National Agricultural Councilproducers of the dairy basins of Jalisco, Gentleman and the Region Lagoonwhere we address the problems, needs and challenges of the dairy basins of our country and the milk production sector in Mexico right now and heading to 2023”.

He assured that this initiative will be very useful for the small producers of milk of countrysince public policies sector dairyCurrently, there is not enough support or subsidies to fully develop this activity.

He said that the composition nutritional of milk, makes it a complete and balanced food, so it is a food that integrates the basket basic and it is essential in the table of the mexicanswhere more than 77 percent of households have access and they consume milk.

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