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In June of this year Juan Osorio hinted that he was going to give her the engagement ring and that he would marry his girlfriend Eva Daniela this year; he also said that he wanted to have a vasectomy but since she wants two children he didn’t do it.

The relationship began with a sweaty hand but they went to Europe together and it follows that they already grabbed other little things. Eva is 27 years old, she is young but she is not fifteen years old either, she is an adult woman who brings joy to Juan, but they have been dating for less than a year and although all the women yearn to marry in white, Juan did not give her a ring, or a wedding, nor children, but the initial of Eva Daniela was tattooed. Be careful, the whole name was not done either, tattooing the initial is not the same as a compound name, but a sweetie does deserve it and the tattoo is a gift as a token of her beautiful love.

When Echeverría asked the queen to wear a guayabera in Mexico and not wear the royal crown

Rafael Cardona, a political journalist, recalls that the former president of Mexico, Luis Echeverría, through the Mexican ambassador, asked Queen Elizabeth of England, whose reign is made up of 56 Commonwealth countries and 15 Great Britain countries, and the Prince Felipe that when they got off the ship in Mexico they would do so wearing guayaberas that he was going to buy them and he told the Queen not to wear a crown or even wear a mini tiara because the crown could offend Mexicans.

The English ambassador realized that he did not know anything about protocol and replied: “Their Highnesses will wear a guayabera and in reciprocity the President of Mexico will put on the Scottish skirt.”

Obviously the Queen did not wear a guayabera and of course she wore her majestic crown, the surprise is that Doña Esthercita Zuno, wife of the then president, did not lower the crown with the excuse that she was going to give it to the poor as she did with the wives of the Mexican politicians who at their parties, would pass by with their little basket and take away their jewelry and there was no way they would say no.

The British do not have the passions that we Mexicans have and after years of repudiating Camila, the wife of King Carlos III, everyone accepted her, since the King could have had the women of the entire world, those of any Principality, but He met Camila wearing a miniskirt and the first thing she said when greeting him was: “My grandmother was your grandfather’s lover.” And he didn’t stop laughing and loving her. Even Queen Elizabeth recognized that great love before she died and told her that she was going to be the Queen consort, which means she, the lucky Queen.

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