Fair punishment of Russia for invading Ukraine, asks Zelensky at the UN

the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyhe demanded before the UN a “just punishment” for Russia for the aggression against his country, he also asked to take away his right to veto in the Advice of Security.

“A crime was committed against Ukraine and we ask for a just punishment,” said Zelenskythe only leader who was allowed to deliver his speech via video in the meeting annual.

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Zelenskywearing his characteristic military green shirt, indicated on his statement engraved that Russia had violated the principles of the world body.

The president called for the establishment of a court special against Russia “for the crime of aggression against our Condition“, as well as to ensure the surrender of accounts.

In addition, he requested a fund to compensate the damage what the ukrainians have suffered during the invasion.

In parallel, Zelensky requested that the United Nations take away Russia’s veto right in the Security Council. Ukraine has argued on previous occasions that Moscow maintains a post that belonged to the former Soviet Union, not Russia.

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