Explosion of homemade bombs cause panic in the UAEM – El Sol de México

Three thousand 900 students from the Faculty of Arts, the School of Laboratory Technicians, and the School of Biological Sciences, as well as academics and administrative staff were evacuated this morning from their classrooms due to the bomb threat that was reported that day at 10:00: 07 hours.

Cuauhtémoc Altamirano Conde, Director of Assistance at the UAEM, pointed out that the explosion occurred in the bathroom of the Faculty of Arts at the UAEM, a school whose curriculum does not involve handling muriatic acid.

Likewise, another bomb exploded in the toilets of the Biological Sciences Faculty, shortly after 10 in the morning, the State Coordination of Civil Protection received the request for help at 10:26. During the first inspection, the authority detected the remains of two detonations of homemade devices caused by a chemical reaction, in that review they did not detect injured people.

Explosive devices of this type produce slight and very noisy explosions, but they also have the risk of generating highly toxic vapors, which is why their manufacture, operation and effects are high risk.

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Faced with the risk posed by the toxicity of the explosive, and the probability that there would be more homemade devices, the university determined the suspension of work until the review by the authorities of the Ministry of National Defense and Civil Protection is completed, for which the students, teachers and administrative staff who were evacuated from the area will not be able to return for their personal belongings.

note published in The Sun of Cuernavaca

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