Erdogan discussed alternatives to the Mir card with the Ministry of Finance and state-owned banks of Turkey

Mir Map

The heads of the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank of Turkey and state banks discussed, under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, alternatives to the Russian Mir card. On Friday, September 23, the NTV channel reports.

“At a meeting where alternatives to the Mir map were discussed under the chairmanship of Erdogan, the Minister of Finance, the head of the Central Bank and the heads of state banks participated,” – transmits TV channel.

Earlier, the Turkish leader said that on Friday he could decide on the further use of the Russian card in Turkey. Erdogan instructed the responsible departments develop together with Moscow alternatives to the World map.

A day earlier, the director general of the National Payment Card System, the operator of the Mir payment system, said that the level of noise around the use of Russian cards abroad is somewhat exaggerated. According to him, “Mir” is still working both in Turkey and in other countries.

Prior to this, two Turkish banks, Ishbank and Denizbank, announced the termination of servicing Russian national cards. The credit institutions clarified that the decision is related to anti-Russian sanctions.

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