Eiza González experienced the 6.9 earthquake in CDMX on September 22, 2022 [Video] – The Sun of Mexico

As if it were a cruel joke of fate, this Thursday, September 22, Mexico City trembled again, three days after the earthquake that was recorded again on September 19, the day earthquakes are commemorated on that same date. but from 2017 and 1985.

At 1:16 in the morning, the earth shook the metropolitan capital and the entire country again with a magnitude 6.9 tremor with an epicenter in Coalcoman, Michoacán.

eiza Gonzalez

All Mexicans get a tremendous scare, including Eiza González who is in CDMX filming her new television series.

Through her social networks, the actress shared the exact moment when, during the filming, she and all the production went out to what appears to be the garden of a house to be safe.

In one of his Instagram stories, people can be seen watching the movement of the light poles.

Later, González uploaded another clip where she looks distressed and sends a brief message to her followers.

“He was very strong, I hope everyone is very well and is safe,” Eisa said.

What does Eiza Gonzalez do in CDMX?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Mexican is in Mexico City recording scenes from the series “La Maquina”, exclusive to the Hulu platform.

The project brings the actress together with Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal, who are also part of the cast.

“La Maquina” is about the life of a boxer in his last days of glory, created by the writer Marco Ramírez.

The famous actress will play the character of Irasema, an aspiring sports journalist who shows great interest in sports and ends up as the ex-wife of Esteban, a boxer and the protagonist of the story, who will be played by Gael García.

For his part, Diego will play the role of the manager who will get Esteban one last fight, who will be able to secure his championship title and thus retire in style.

Marco Ramirez, writer of this story, is known for his work on Daredevil, The Defenders, Orange Is the New Black, and his play The Royale.

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It should be noted that Eiza has also taken advantage of this time in our country to enjoy family time, next to her mother, former model Glenda Reyna, in addition to meeting up with friends like Alejandro Nones and José María Torre, with whom she has a “nice friendship”, for 18 years.

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