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Early this Thursday, an earthquake of magnitude 6.9 and the seismic alert woke us up in several states of the country,

Despite the fact that our region is considered a seismic zone and these events occur constantly, we are still not prepared to hear that alarm, because in the long run they end up affecting our mental health.

According to the Citizen Council for Security and Justice of Mexico City, anxiety, fear, stress and insomnia are some of the predominant emotional effects recorded in requests for psychological support after this week’s earthquakes.

What to do to stay calm in the earthquake?

Among the main recommendations that are given after registering an earthquake is to remain calm, and breathing will be the best thing you can do.

To calm the mind during and after the accident, it is recommended to perform a programmed breath where the exhalation is longer than the inhalation, it will be very useful. This will activate your nervous system and decrease activity in it.

Although the first thing you should do is place yourself in a safe place, then you can do the breathing by closing your eyes and starting to breathe through your nose. Now inhale for two seconds, hold your breath for a second, and keep your breath smooth and even.

In case the count of 2 and 4 seconds is short for you, you can lengthen it. Try inhaling 4 and exhaling 8, increasing it until you feel calm.

Citizen Council offers emotional support after earthquake

If you continue to feel anxiety or nerves, the CDMX Citizen Council for Security and Justice has enabled the Security Line or Confidence Chat, where you can receive psychological first aid 24/7 and for the entire country.

The agency points out that people who have been exposed to the last earthquakes in our country have presented the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety by 59.4%
  • Fear for 15.6%
  • Stress and insomnia by 6.3%

He also pointed out that 65% of those who received emotional support are women and the rest are men. 60% are under 30 years old.

Psychological First Aid is available free of charge and throughout the country, through the Security Line and Trusted Chat: 55 5533 5533.

Recommendations to do before, during and after an earthquake

It is important to make it clear that, although there is no way to know when an earthquake will occur, the best thing we can do is prepare to act in the best way.

According to the Mexican government, the recommendations to act before, during and after an earthquake are:


  • Locate objects that may become a hazard during an earthquake.
  • Relocate targets so that they do not fall on top of a person in the event of an earthquake.
  • Locate escape and safety areas and keep them always present.
  • Always have at hand a first aid kit, flashlight, battery-powered radio, canned food
  • Have a copy of important official documents.


  • Stay calm, do not run and go to the already established safety zones.
  • Be attentive to minors, disabled and elderly people.
  • Stay away from windows, glass, mirrors, exterior doors, or walls.
  • The street: stay away from electric poles and wires.
  • A building: Do not use elevators and stay close to a structural column, away from windows and walls.
  • Inside a crowded place like a movie theater, go toward the evacuation doors.
  • Stay away from shelves that contain objects that could fall on you.
  • A moving car: Stop as quickly as possible and stay inside the vehicle.


  • Please wait at least 10-20 minutes before entering your home or workplace.
  • Inspect your home for damage and turn off the gas and electrical system.
  • If the power goes out, use battery-powered flashlights. Do not use candles or matches and do not smoke indoors.
  • Cooperate with the authorities and remember to have emergency numbers handy.
  • Always be in solidarity with the victims of the accidents.

With information from Patricia Carrasco of La Prensa

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