Dua Lipa kicks Dr. Simi’s doll during a concert in CDMX and fans apologize

fans of Dua Lipa they prepared for their concert at the Sun Forum and began with the preparations for the emblematic dr simi that it would be released during the show, but the tension was felt when the singer did not receive it in a good way.

Since 2021, the tradition of giving this teddy artists visiting Mexico, but fans were outraged when the interpreter kicked the doll who was in the middle of the stage.

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In videos circulating on social networks you can see Dua Lipa singing be the one, when on his way he crosses Dr. Simi and simply kicks him out of the way.

Although this action has been compared with what happened recently Rosaliawho took all the stuffed animals that fell near her to hug them and keep them with love, many of the followers have defended.

“Those of us who have given a show on stage, it is important not to have anything that obstructs the passage, let’s not take it personally,” wrote a user in the comments.

On the other hand, although it barely joins the list of artists who have despised the gift like José Madero or Rubén Albarrán, and that the claims of the audience have been taken, that Dua has spoken in spanish during his concert he made the fans not recriminate him.

“He spoke Spanish better than one, he is forgiven,” another user wrote.

However, other users did not take it very well and did make some memes to criticize the singer for not bending down to pick up the stuffed animal.

What did Dua Lipa say in Spanish?

The singer has stated on a few occasions that she is learning Spanish to be able to communicate with his fans in Latin America and during his concert at the Foro Sol it was very clear that he has achieved it.

“My Spanish is not perfect, but I want to try,” he said during his first interaction with the audience.

This caused thousands of voices to be heard in the venue. Screams Y applause.

“I am very grateful, excited and happy to be here. Thank you for your energy, your love and your support and thank you for this magical night,” she said. “I love you very much Mexico, we are going to enjoy a lot.”

Throughout the concert, he did not stop throwing expressions and thanks in Spanish, causing the fans to be excited by how well he handled the language and interacted with them.

“Mexico City, I love you”, “Thank you very much for everything”.

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