Dua Lipa concert in Mexico: this is how it was lived in the Foro Sol (photos and video)

Dua Lipa loves her Latin fans so much that she is learning Spanish to talk to them at her concerts, and Foro Sol witnessed that affection during her concert tonight. “My Spanish is not perfect, but I want to try,” he said to the shout of his fans.

“I am very grateful, excited and happy to be here. Thank you for your energy, your love and your support and thank you for this magical night,” she said. “I love you very much Mexico, we are going to enjoy a lot.”

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Before the concert began, he set the scene with music from the 80s, turning the venue into a kind of giant nightclub.

In the pure style of Jane Fonda’s aerobics videos, her dancers appeared on the screens one by one, with their respective names, to make way for the singer, who began her repertoire with “Physical.”

“Welcome Mexico City, let the party begin!” exclaimed the artist in almost perfect Spanish, before continuing with “New rules”, “Cool”, “Pretty please” and “Break my heart”.

“I need a favor from you, I want you to sing with me,” he said, before giving turns to the different sections of the public to sing the song “Be the one.”

The first act of the show ended, and an act on skates by one of its dancers gave way to “Dua escapes”, which was made up of “We’re good”, “Good in bed”, “Fever” and “Boys will be boys”.

The British did not stop expressing her love for her Mexican fans, and between songs she dedicated messages to them in Spanish: “Mexico City, I love you”, “Thank you very much for everything”, she was heard saying.

Gwen Stephanie’s voice livened up the bridge between the second and third acts, when her song “Hollaback girl” played on the speakers of the venue. “Let’s keep singing Mexico,” she said before singing “One kiss.”

The show continued with “Electricity” and “Hallucinate”. “Mexico City, turn on your lights,” Dua asked before singing “One kiss”, a song in which she was accompanied by a video of Elton John (with whom she made the aforementioned duet), and painted the stage with the colors of the LGBT flag.

The atmosphere became more rock with the arrival of the fourth and last act. To the rhythm of the chords of an electric guitar, and as if she were walking on a catwalk, the artist approached the microphone to interpret “Future nostalgia”.

“I love you Mexico, thank you very much”, he shouted before saying goodbye with “Levitating” and “Don’t start now”.

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