Disposable Companies and Unscrupulous Suppliers: Road Problems in Kostanay

KOSTANAY. KAZINFORM The issues of corruption risks in the construction of roads were discussed at the commission on combating corruption under the akim of Kostanay region, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to the press service of the department of the Anti-Corruption Agency in Kostanay region, there are over 9 thousand km of roads in the region. Over the past 5 years, the state has allocated 175 billion tenge for this industry. At the same time, only 78% of the roads are in satisfactory condition. At the same time, many roads under construction and under repair that have passed the examination do not meet the requirements of GOST. This is evidenced by intermediate expert studies of the National Center for the Quality of Road Assets.

According to Almas Amanov, First Deputy Head of the Anti-Corruption Service for the Kostanay region, the key problems in the road sector should be considered lobbying the interests of unscrupulous contractors and accepting poor-quality work.

“Often during the construction and reconstruction of roads, tender documentation is adjusted to specific suppliers. As a result, the main volumes of work on the roads are in the same hands. These contractors, not having sufficient equipment and resources, are not able to deliver the work on time, which leads to their constant extension and acceptance of low-quality work,” he said.

As an example, the speaker cited the Auliekol-Zhaldama road, where the next repair began in March 2021 and extended until 2022. According to experts from the National Center for the Quality of Road Assets, 90% of the cores taken on this section of the road do not meet the requirements.

The situation is almost the same on the Amangeldy-Urpek-Rakhmet-Alibi, Shubalan-Karasu, Arkalyk-Ashutasty-Shieli roads, which are still under construction, but pits, potholes and bumps have already formed on the repaired sections.

Of particular concern, as reported in Antikora, is the issue of insufficient allocation of funds to check the quality of roads. This is necessary for control during the construction stages.

For example, during the construction of the Ashutasty-Shieli road in 2022, 13 samples were taken, the analysis showed that 10 of them did not meet the standards, but control samples were not carried out due to lack of funding from the akimat. At the same time, according to the law, roads cannot be accepted without a positive conclusion from the National Center. However, poor-quality roads were still accepted.

According to the recommendations of the Anti-Corruption Service, the regional akim Archimedes Mukhambetov was instructed to raise funds for the examination of the quality of roads and not to accept roads without a positive expert study.

During the meeting of the commission, the head of the region instructed to conduct an audit of all repaired roads and achieve the correction of defects in poor-quality construction, including on roads that are under warranty.

At the same time, A. Mukhambetov drew attention to the problem of “disposable” companies that participate and win in public procurement. Often such companies come from other regions and do not have the necessary equipment. As a result, all this is a heavy burden for local authorities, and most importantly, it affects the quality of roads.

As a result of the meeting of the commission, district akims and specialized departments of the regional akimat were instructed to eliminate defects on the roads, ensure compliance with public procurement legislation and targeted spending of budget funds.

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