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The world is in a difficult moment. If we see the participation of world leaders in the United Nations General Assembly, we observe speeches with issues of profound importance that have repercussions and will have consequences for years to come. The death of Queen Elizabeth II of England marks the end of an era. Just as there are short and long centuries, the monarch’s reign has come to an end (one of the longest in human history). She, in her time, also faced moments of profound relevance for world history and her death comes at a time when the planet is once again debating the course to take. Among the most sensitive issues that we will have to follow in the coming months are the following:

The first of these is the world conflict and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Just as several decades ago the world split in two (or three) and the blocs and the powers aligned themselves according to their ideologies and interests, so too today the conflagration and the alignment of the powers takes place around the events that happen in this regard. In the case of our country, not only will the public position it takes be important, which is not exempt from its own risks, but it will have greater scope due to its form of action and the specific actions carried out in support of said position. What we can anticipate is that we will see even greater internal polarization and confrontation, using what is happening outside as an excuse to advance positions inside. Why should we care? Because our commercial, geopolitical and ideological position will determine our future, whether we want to or not.

The second major issue that we must take into consideration is the inflationary crisis that we are currently experiencing in the world. This is of the utmost importance because, unlike the previous point, this issue has a direct impact on the well-being of the population, both in Mexico and in other nations. Central banks have to step up to control this issue before it spills over. Although the consequences of an inflation problem are different from those of a global conflagration, the reality is that governments could face instability and ungovernability.

Finally, there is a political risk for Mexico related to what will happen in both the US elections and its own. The risk lies precisely in the clash of sides and the extreme political polarization whose ideologies pull in the opposite direction from each other. If we add the previous points to this, then there are very dangerous circumstances that we must attend to, be alert and mitigate risks. Although there are external risks that we cannot control, there are also internal and domestic strategies that could help us mitigate a possible impact. It worries me to see that in many cases, we continue to argue and fight about things that have the potential to lead us to a limit situation and we must be very careful about it. Because we are looking inside the house, we must not lose sight of what is happening outside.

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