Dimash’s first concert in Almaty was sold out

ALMATY. KAZINFORM The long-awaited solo concert of Dimash Kudaibergen Stranger was held at one of the most legendary sports facilities in Kazakhstan – the Central Stadium of Almaty. Correspondents of MIA “Kazinform” visited this large-scale event, which brought together thousands of fans from 68 countries of the world.

The concert scheduled for 20:00 started on time. Fans of the famous performer began to gather at the stadium ahead of time – two hours before it started.

Dimash’s fans specially flew to the concert from different countries. Many of them willingly shared their impressions of Kazakhstan.

“We flew from Slovakia on Monday especially for Dimash’s concert. We used to be at his concert in April in Prague. We really like his work. We are now 20 people, and we are all in Kazakhstan for the first time. Impressions are incredible. The nature here is very beautiful, the food is delicious, we tried horse meat. We visited the Green Bazaar, Kok-Tobe and Kolsai, now we are going to Medeu, ”said Yaroslava and Inna, fans from Slovakia.

Admired by the nature of Kazakhstan and guests from France and the United States. They also came to our country for the first time. Arrived at the concert of your favorite artist a few days ago.

There were also many Kazakhs among Dimash’s fans. Some have known him for over 10 years. The ardent fans of the singer Saule, Sholpan and Gulnara stood out among a large number of people. They walked around in identical T-shirts with a portrait of the singer and held scarves. According to the girls, they try not to miss the concerts of their favorite vocalist, wherever they take place.

“We have been waiting for this concert in our beloved city for a long time. We like all his songs,” they said.

There were a lot of people in the stadium. Followed more than 2.5 thousand police officers oversee the rule of law. Soldiers from the National Guard were also on duty.

More than 200 specialists were involved in organizing the concert. Another 400 volunteers helped them. Many of them spoke three languages ​​- prompted, met and saw off guests.

The concert began with a performance by young artists. Among them was the Kazakh singer Rukhiya Baidukenova, who last year won the Grand Prix at the 30th International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar” in Vitebsk.

The stands of the filled stadium were decorated with luminous multi-colored lanterns. Those gathered in anticipation of Dimash applauded loudly and shouted his name. After some time, Dimash Kudaibergen appeared on the stage. He surprised everyone with his spectacular exit, descending from heaven. Dimash sang the first two songs in a costume stylized as the attire of the Saka Golden Man.

Then he thanked his fans from all over the world in Kazakh and English for attending his first solo concert in Almaty.

Dimash presented the audience with a concert program filled with the best compositions from the repertoire. The audience saw an ultra-modern, large-scale and colorful show.

Throughout the show, the artist was accompanied by his band group. There were also songs already loved by the audience, which are traditionally sung by the artist’s fans throughout the stadium. Also, for the first time at a solo concert, Dimash presented new works.

For the first time, Dimash performed a song written by his younger brother Abilmansur Kudaibergen. This is a stylish youth song, inspired by the work of the famous French musician FKJ. Abilmansur himself also performed the author’s instrumental composition written by maestro Renat Gaysin.

The concert also featured a recently announced composition in Spanish by Dimash, the text of which was written with the assistance of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Mexico. The audience also heard the most anticipated premiere of this autumn – the author’s composition by Dimash “The Story of One Sky”.

The concert was attended by a large international team of dancers, as well as the famous Kazakh State Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments named after Kurmangazy and the Saltanat State Dance Ensemble.

Dimash Kudaibergen never tired of thanking the fans for their support. He stated that his dream of giving a solo concert in a large stadium came true thanks to them. I wished everyone good health, a peaceful sky over their heads and good luck. The concert lasted about 4 hours.

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