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With 470 votes in favor and one abstention, the Full of the Chamber of Deputies approved in general and in particular the opinion by which the crime of forced disappearance of persons constitutes a crime against humanity, in terms of the statute of Romeso it will not prescribe.

The aim of this opinion is to strengthen the legal system mexican for to improve the strategies of combat Y mitigation of the forced disappearences.

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The document amends and adds various provisions of the General Law on Forced Disappearance of Persons, Disappearance Committed by individualsand from System National of Search of Peoplethe Code of military justice and the National Detention Registry Law.

The proposal of modification to article 13 is added that to the crimes of Forced Disappearance of Persons and Disappearance committed by individuals “are crimes against humanityso they will be prosecuted ex officio and have a permanent or continuous character…”

Article 29 seeks that the hierarchical superiors will be considered authors of the crime of forced disappearance of persons, when they have had knowledge that the subordinates, under their authority and control, were committing or were planning to commit a crime of enforced disappearance, or consciously disregarded information that clearly indicated it.

The proposal, impose penalty of 20 to 30 years in prison and 500 to 800 times the Unit of measurement Y Updatewhom omit deliver to the authority either relatives to the boy or girl born during the captivity of his mother subjected to an enforced disappearance.

Likewise, article 31 of the Law of Forced disappearences points to the one who subtracts or appropriates the little boy either subdued girl forced disappearance, or whose father, mother or guardian have been subjected to disappearance forced and hide, destroy or falsify those documents that prove the identity of the children mentioned in the previous fractions.

The opinion determines that they incur the crime of disappearance committed by individualsthe person or group of people who deprive a person of liberty, refuse to acknowledge such deprivation, conceal the whereabouts of the person disappeared to remove her from the protection of the law.

contemplate that researchprosecution, prosecution and punishment of conduct related to the crime of forced disappearance of people Y disappearance committed by individuals, it will only be the responsibility of the federal or state authorities of civil order, even when said behaviors are carried out by a soldier against another soldier.

In article 3 of the National Law on the Registry of Detentions The registry indicates that it seeks to have an information base at the national level in which the people detained according to the faculties of the authorities during the stages of the criminal process and the sanctioning administrative procedure before judge municipal or civic, respectively.

In addition, on people who are deprived of their liberty in private institutions such as hospitals, psychiatric residences, day centers, detoxification and rehabilitation centers for users of drugs, institutions of attendance and care alternative of kids, girls and teenagersandants and people with disabilities, are under this database national.


When positioning the document, the president of the Commission of Human Rights, deputy Nelly Minerva Carrasco Godinez (Brunette), pointed out that forced disappearance is a complex crime and a crime that violates all kinds of rights, not only of the disappeared person, but also of their relatives and loved ones.

He argued that according to National Registry of Missing and Unlocated Persons (RNPDNL) of the Secretary of GovernorateTo date, more than 105,805 people remain missing and not located in the country.

He said that the reforms are in harmony with the Convention International for the Protection of All People Against the Forced disappearencesand help improve combat strategies and mitigation of enforced disappearances.

With the approval of opinion, he stated, “we have in our hands the possibility of influencing the protection and strengthening of the rights of so many disappeared persons and their families. We request your vote in favor, we are convinced that both the victims and their families have the right to access to justice and full reparation for the damage”.

the deputy brunette Karla Yuritzi Almazán Burgos, who proposed the initiative, considered that it is a great step in favor of thousands of people who have been victims of the crime of forced disappearance. In decades, Mexico established a repressive State that resorted to the forced disappearance of people who were uncomfortable for their political positions and their dissident activism by regime.

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