Criminals who have committed serious offenses are put on genetic registration in the Republic of Kazakhstan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM At an international conference in Astana dedicated to the launch of the official DNA database program in Kazakhstan, foreign experts exchanged experience, Kazinform reports with reference to

At the event, the world experience was presented and analyzed, ways of developing the scientific method in forensic science were discussed.

“DNA typing is a very powerful forensic tool. He helps to investigate various criminal cases and find missing persons. And we also use new advanced technologies that can help achieve goals in this area,” said Bruce Budole, professor at the Faculty of Forensic Medicine at the University of Helsinki.

Kazakhstan is among 59 countries that have their own DNA base. World experience shows that genomic data are effective for solving crimes and preventing them.

“Kazakhstan is the first country in Central Asia that has its own DNA database. Everything is here: good specialists, equipment for conducting DNA analyzes and tests. All you need now is legislative support,” said GTH-GA President Tim Schellberg.

Serik Sadykov, head of the operational and criminalistics department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, informed foreign colleagues about the development of work with DNA tests in Kazakhstan.

“Genetics has long been developed in Kazakhstan. In 2006, the first genetic laboratory was opened and is being used at the scene. Now the criminals are more prepared: they hide their faces with masks, put on gloves. That is, the usual traditional traces do not help in disclosure. So we went in a different direction and started using genetics in investigating crimes. Since 2014, a laboratory equipped with all the necessary equipment and modern consumables has been operating in the Central Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Relevant specialists work there. It is backed up by law. So, from January 1, 2021, the Law “On Biometric Personal Identification” came into force. All criminals who have committed serious crimes are subject to genetic registration, ”said the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to him, with the help of DNA evidence, it is possible to quickly and efficiently solve a crime. On the spot, the traces are removed, placed in the database, DNA is extracted. If the database contains the data of the criminal, then his identity is established immediately. The use of such a method ensured fair justice for the perpetrators of offenses and victims of crimes.

DNA is used not only in the investigation, but also for preventive purposes, identifying corpses or determining biological relationship with relatives of missing citizens.

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