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A call to the presidents of the boards of Conciliation Y Arbitration to close operations at the national level with its name high, with a worked of the end of the lag in accordance with the Justice and the right, did the owner of the Secretary of Worked Y Social Security, Luisa Maria Mayor Lujan.

During his participation in the Annual meeting of presidents of board 2022reminded 95 years of life of this institution “that are lived unprecedented times for the world of work, where people are put at the center workers and this must be a fact in the new stage for the Councilwhich is to attend to all the lag that exists throughout the country”.

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He argued that the eyes will be stalls in the new, although the new is hope, it is the possibility that labor justice be much more expeditious; but also the eyes will be deposited in the previous thing, in what still persists, which is the performance of the Courts and the boards Federal.

considered the person in charge of politics labor in the country; “I think we have a great opportunity to work as a team. Once closed the windowswe must adapt and understand very well where the needs are in order to be able to support and vent more easily, to focus, direct our efforts, reach the objective that is to conclude with all the issues that we have in Procedure”.

He also commented that there will still be weather to be able to conclude this work, so it is worth raising your head and demonstrating the benefit and that the name of the Federal Board of Conciliation and Arbitration. That prestige has to be earned.

In turn, the president of the JFCA, Maria Eugenia Navarretebefore the presidents of the 66 special boards, highlighted the 95 years of life of the institution.

“Almost a century of being for our country a judge impartial, conciliatorfair and active agent of the Balance Come in capital and the workedbetween the employers Y workersCome in unions Y Businessorganisms of social Security and insured. All this led it to establish itself as a prestigious bastion of the social peace of our country”.

He noted that the next 3 of october they close their doors to receive new business. “And the best way to honor institutional life is to ensure that its closure is worthy and in accordance with its historical goals achieved”.

Therefore, this chiaroscuro that we face to celebrate its existence and prepare its closingimplies that those of us who work in it have a commitment to fulfill: Act with the greatest diligence to resolve in the shortest possible time, with absolute bias and adherence to law, in an environment and humane treatment, lag”.

Present at this event were the director of the federal center of Conciliation Y Labor Registry (CFCRL), Alfred Dominguez marrufo; Alexander Salafranca Vazquezowner of the Unit of Worked Worthy Y Esteban Martinez Mejiahead of the Unit of Link for the Reform to the System of Justice Labor of the STPS.

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