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Colima, COL (OEM-Informex).- Another 6.9 magnitude earthquake occurred at 01:16 this Thursday, shaking the state of Colima again, waking up the residents, who had to leave their homes in their pajamas. Given the situation, the State Government suspended classes this Thursday and Friday. Until now, only the collapse of the facade of an exchange house has been reported, and a tsunami alert has been ruled out.

In a tour carried out by EL OCCIDENTAL, it was noted that at approximately 9:00 p.m. this Wednesday, the streets of Colima Capital and Tecomán, looked alone, after the earthquakes that have been recorded after the one that occurred last Monday, which was of magnitude 7.7.

Later, at 01:16 hours, the land was planted again. Many Colima residents were already asleep when the earthquake caused them to wake up and go outside in their pajamas to save themselves from possible structural damage to their home.

The Civil Protection and Municipal and State Firefighters corporations moved to make a new review of the buildings affected by Monday’s tremor.

Such is the case of the Regional University Hospital, where an inspection was carried out to verify its infrastructure, as it was one of those that resulted in structural damage that day.

It was also reported that the facade of a pawn shop, located in Maclovio Herrera, in front of the San Francisco Garden, had finished falling.

For their part, elements of that same corporation carried out cleaning work on the Colima-Manzanillo highway after a landslide generated at kilometer 22. After collecting the rocks, circulation was restored.

After the tremor, an extraordinary meeting of the State Coordination Table for the Construction of Peace and Security was convened, with the participation of members of the State Civil Protection Council, where the suspension of classes in all its modalities was agreed. (face-to-face or virtual) at all levels and in both public and private schools on Thursdays and Fridays.

At that meeting it was also agreed that members of all the corporations would go out to make tours and work in close proximity and help people throughout the state.

Mexican Army continues with Plan DN-III-E

For this reason, members of the Mexican Army participating in the DN-III-E Plan, as well as marines and state and municipal police, were making patrols through the streets of the entity.

Likewise, Civil Protection and Firefighters of Manzanillo announced that according to the bulletin of the Tsunami Warning Center of the Secretary of the Navy, after the magnitude 6.9 earthquake south of Coalcomán, Michoacán, the absence of important variations in sea ​​level, so it is estimated that there will be no danger to the population.

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