clothes and accessories to look younger at any age

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Among the current fashion trends, there are several that are useful to pay attention to women who believe that their youth is already passing or has passed. Some fashion items are appropriate at any age – and help to look younger.

The authors of the popular Australian fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog for women of mature age Lifestyle Fifty led a list of such things.

Clothes and accessories to look younger

  • Tight jeans with a good fit – they are slimming, help to look younger and more energetic. You can even with a raw cut. But torn, overly tight and discolored models should be avoided.
  • White sneakers are always in fashion, suitable for almost all outfits and also rejuvenate the image.
  • “Correct” bra with good bust support.
  • Dresses with a straight silhouette or wrap-around dresses (the latter also visually correct the figure, making it more elegant). After 50 years, it is better to choose dresses with sleeves – few women at this age have beautiful forearms.
  • Fashionable sportswear (it is also useful to play sports).
  • Spectacular sunglasses and a trendy bag will decorate and make the look relevant, even if you wear clothes from old collections.
  • Clothing in the color block style (a combination of different colors that are arranged in solid blocks) – it looks bold and youthful. No need to be afraid of bright colors, which many refuse with age. The main thing is that they are in harmony with the tone of the skin and the shade of the hair.

Also, fashion experts advise replacing comfortable, but very age-adding and not at all stylish looking fleece items with spectacular knitwear or trendy bulky cardigans. “Keep the fleece for sports and walking the dog,” they recommend.

There are items of clothing that stylists and fashion experts do not recommend for shorter women to wear. Such things can be super fashionable, but with a small growth they are contraindicated, as they visually make the figure heavier and squat, and even may add age.

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