Civil organization launches campaign for the extradition of El Mini Lic to Mexico – El Sol de México

Through social networks, the organization civic proposal expressed concern about the release of Damaso López Serrano “The Mini Lic”.

“You should not encourage or allow the impunity.” reads the text published in the networks of the organization.

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The legal representatives of the late journalist Javier Valdez request collaboration between the US and Mexican authorities, so that the extradition of “mini lic“.

In this same publication, it is commented that cooperation between the two countries must be carried out in order to obtain justice for the murder of the journalist, since Damaso López Serrano was designated by the Attorney General’s Office as the intellectual author.

The facts

The journalist Javier Valdez he was assassinated on May 15, 2017. After the investigation, the federal authorities pointed out as responsible for giving the order to Damasuswho will now be able to serve his sentence in freedom.

In that same year, the alleged murderer was extradited to state Joinedafter being found guilty of drug trafficking.

Recently, the Federal Court of the Southern District of California determined that Lopez Highlander He will face a sentence for time served, after the progress he has shown since he turned himself in to the authorities North American in 2017.

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Meanwhile, the procedures extradition They are waiting for him to also serve a sentence for the supposed murder of the journalist.

note published in The Sun of Sinaloa

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