China asks the US for caution on Taiwan to avoid a Cold War

China asked this Thursday prudence on the part of the United States in dealing with the situation in Taiwanafter President Joe Biden assured the UN that the White House does not seek a Cold War with Beijing.

“China is remains stable in its policy towards the United States. But it is the United States that has to handle the Taiwan question with prudence,” said the Foreign Ministry spokesman Chinese Zhao Lijian at a press conference.

“We look forward to the United States working with China to achieve peaceful coexistence and maintain beneficial cooperation for both countries despite their different social systems and history,” he added.

Biden affirmed Wednesday before the UN that he does not seek a Cold War with China and reiterated that Washington will not support any unilateral change to the status quo with Taiwanwhose sovereignty Beijing claims.

“We are not looking for conflict, we are not looking for a Cold War. We do not want any nation to have to choose between the United States and another ally.. But the United States will promote a free, open, secure Indo-Pacific and prosperous world,” Biden told the UN General Assembly.

The mandatary reiterated his government’s respect for the one-China principle that the country imposes as the basis of its ties with any nation, so that the only Chinese executive that the US must recognize is the one based in Beijingwhich distances it from Taiwan’s independence aspirations.

These comments about China and Taiwan come after Biden said in an interview with CBS, broadcast this Sunday, that yes it would send US military forces to defend Taiwan in case China invaded the island.

The White House later tried to qualify those statements and said that the policy towards Taiwan has not changed.

Tension between the United States and China over Taiwan has increased in recent months with Chinese military maneuvers near the island and a controversial visit in early August by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

The United States maintains a policy of strategic ambiguity towards Taiwanleaving it up in the air whether he would act to defend it militarily, even though the so-called Taiwan Relations Act of 1979 makes Washington a the power that gives more weapons.

Under the Taiwan Relations Act, the United States announced earlier this month a military assistance package to the island worth 1.1 billion dollarsthe largest granted to Taipei by the Biden administration so far.

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