CDMX records damage and victims due to a magnitude 6.9 earthquake – The Sun Post

The magnitude 6.9 earthquake with an epicenter in Coalcomán, Michoacán, recorded early Thursday morning, has left two people dead and the eviction of a building in the Doctores neighborhood due to damage that is considered risky.

During a press conference to publicize the balance of the earthquake, the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, indicated that the death of the two people was due to a fall and a heart attack.

He said that he will ask Ernesto Alvarado, head of the local Victim Assistance Commission, to contact the families of the victims to give them the support they require.

In the Old City Hall Palace, Jesús Esteva, secretary of Works and Services, advanced the eviction of a private office building located on Calle de Doctor Lucio, number 126, in the Doctores neighborhood, after significant damage was detected and it was considered high risk.

Clarifying that more requests for property inspections will surely be received, the official specified that so far there have only been 21 requests and four of them present a medium risk.

He added that the review of 176 schools continues, 113 of them without major damage, whose repairs will cost at least 40 million pesos and will have to be carried out in the next few days, seven are in the medium risk category, 56 will be reviewed in the course of the day, and the “Albino García” school in Iztapalapa continues to be closed, in which there are already repair works.

Juan Manuel Ortegón, coordinator of the C5, reported that 98 percent of the loudspeakers in the capital issued the seismic alert, so 260 of them will be reviewed to find out the reason why they did not work; he recalled that on Monday, September 19, 99.1 percent of the speakers worked without fail.

He announced the reception of 230 reports of problems with these sound devices, but asked citizens to notify the exact location of those who have difficulties, in order to be attended to, and expressed that in the next few days there will be tests of audio with a completely different sound than the alert.

In this regard, Myriam Urzúa, secretary of Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection, commented that the alarm sounded 60 seconds before the telluric movement, which lasted 48 seconds and is a replica of the earthquake recorded on Monday with an epicenter in Cualcomán, Michoacán, which had a magnitude 7.7

The head of government pointed out that after there are earthquakes and drills, it is appropriate to review the protocols for attending to them with the support of the Secretaries of National Defense, the Navy and the National Guard.

Finally, very close to the Old Town Hall, there is a shopping plaza, on 16 de Septiembre and Palma, which is sealed off on one of its sidewalks and this, explained the Secretary of Works and Services, is due to the detachment of finishes.

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