Can the Caspian repeat the fate of the Aral

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – Can the Caspian repeat the fate of the Aral Sea? How is the water scarcity situation? Deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aizhan Skakova shared her opinion on the air of the program “New Time” on Jibek Joly TV channel, Kazinform correspondent reports.

“The scientific community has been warning about the situation in the Caspian Sea for a long time. But, unfortunately, until a critical moment occurs, society, politicians will not immediately pay attention to this. The President announced that we will build up potential in the Caspian region. Today we will inevitably have to take new approaches and new measures. Salinity increases, there is less water, the load also increases. But we should seriously think about how to develop this region further, and take prompt measures,” Aizhan Skakova said.

The MP also commented on the situation with the lack of water resources.

“The head of state in his Address has repeatedly focused on the strategic issues of water conservation. The head of state spoke earlier in his Address about access to drinking water. This is the overarching goal of sustainable development. In a recent Address, the President focused on the shortage of water. As you know, Kazakhstan is 40-50% dependent on neighboring states for water supply and water supply. The likelihood that there will be a water crisis in the country is obvious. The Caspian can repeat the fate of the Aral. Unfortunately, there are forecasts that we may lose the Syr Darya,” the speaker believes.

It should be noted that the Environmental Code was adopted last year to address environmental issues. Aizhan Skakova noted that this is a new modernized environmental legislation, which is built on the experience of more developed countries.

“However, unfortunately, those tools that should protect the air from pollution have not been put into action now. It takes time for enterprises to adjust to the new regime and ensure better cleaning of their production facilities by replacing old equipment with new ones. Accordingly, it is expected that such pollution should not occur in the future,” the deputy explained.

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