Cameroon hats: original wall decor

Cameroon bird feather hat

Cameroonian hats as an exotic piece of furniture are popular in many countries. In Russia, few people know about them yet. The decorators came up with this interior detail based on the headdresses of the leaders and nobility of one of the Cameroonian tribes.

The Cameroonian hat is a mop of bird feathers that are attached to a cloth-covered base. According to experts, even the simplest room takes on a completely different look if spectacular Cameroonian hats appear in it. They can be placed on the coffee table or hung on the wall. The main thing is to follow the rule – the larger the Cameroon hat, the more free space should be next to it, writes design-repair portal.

Placement techniques

  • Playing with dramatic contrasts. The most spectacular option is a Cameroonian hat in a bright shade against a dark or contrasting wall.
  • Accent decoration. The Cameroonian hat can successfully replace a picture or a mirror.
  • Pairs or collections. Hats from Cameroon will look harmonious in the presence of symmetrically arranged furniture – they are located above it. Another option is to place hats on both sides of one item. Or make a vertical row of three small hats.
  • Union with ethnic decor. Here it is important to make sure that all these little things are combined with each other, because the Cameroonian hat will draw special attention to this area.
  • Little hats. They can be a good addition to an existing composition. By the way, they can even be placed on furniture.


The colors of Cameroonian hats can be very diverse. Some are created from feathers of different shades, others are dyed in spectacular colors. Hats can change tone from the center to the edges. You can find them for almost every taste.

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