Budgetary employees are entitled to payment of 90 thousand tenge from the fund “Kazakhstan khalkyna”

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – A website allegedly owned by the public social fund “Kazakhstan Khalkyna” has appeared on the Web. It has an announcement about social payments to doctors, researchers and teachers. In order to receive 90 thousand tenge, they need to leave their data on the site. All these are the machinations of scammers, Kazinform reports with reference to

A warning about scammers has already been posted on the official website of the fund.

“The Fund “Kazakhstan Khalkyna” does not assign guaranteed social payments to employees of budgetary organizations. Please do not share personal information with scammers. This is a type of Internet fraud, the purpose of which is to gain access to confidential user data in order to steal personal personal data. In no case do not register and do not enter your personal data! PF “Kazakhstan Khalkyna” is not responsible for the consequences of these actions,” it says.

You should also pay attention to what is said about payments for budgetary workers on a website with a domain – .com. This means that the portal is located outside the Kazakhstani domain zone. At the same time, this official website of the fund has a domain – .kz.

In addition, there is absolutely no information about the foundation itself on the fake platform, as well as sections with news, foundation programs, application guidelines and other information directly related to the activities of the organization.

It follows from this that information about payments for state employees in the amount of 90 thousand tenge is a fake, and the site positioning itself as a platform of the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Foundation is a fake.

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