Biden sent the candidacy of the new ambassador to Russia for approval in the Senate

US President Joseph Biden

US President Joseph Biden


US President Joe Biden sent Lynn Tracy’s candidacy for the post of ambassador to Russia to the Senate for approval. This became known on Thursday, September 22.

Lynn Treis currently represents the United States in Armenia. If the Senate decides positively, she will be the first woman in history to head the American embassy in Moscow, informs RIA News. Before voting, as a rule, public hearings are held. During them, senators have the right to ask questions to candidates, as well as to express wishes.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov said that Moscow had already agreed to the appointment of Tracy. The previous ambassador, John Sullivan, ended his work in Russia due to family reasons. His business trip lasted almost three years.

Lynn Tracy speaks Russian. She has already worked in Moscow – in 2014-2017 she served as deputy head of the diplomatic mission. Prior to that, Tracy was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Central Asia and served as Deputy Chief of Mission in Turkmenistan. In addition, she has worked in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan.

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