basic rules for skin care

Residents of Japan are associated with beauty and youth, which they manage to maintain even after 40-50 years. It may seem that this is the merit of genetics, but in fact, Japanese women pay a lot of attention to self-care.

Protect skin from the sun

Residents of the Land of the Rising Sun carefully protect their skin from the sun, they know from early childhood about the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, due to which the skin becomes dry, loses elasticity, becomes covered with wrinkles and age spots.

To avoid photoaging, Japanese women try to protect their face and body from the sun:

  • they cover themselves with umbrellas and wear wide-brimmed hats;
  • on the beach, a cape is put on the swimsuit that covers the shoulders;
  • use face creams with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 40–50.

Visit hot springs

There are many onsen in Japan, as hot springs are called. These are natural hydrogen sulfide reservoirs, bathing in which helps to improve sleep and relieve stress. In addition, thermal water moisturizes and regenerates the skin.

If there is no opportunity to go to a resort with onsen, you can arrange a spa at home. To do this, take baths with sea salt and herbs, wash your face with mineral water – the effect will be the same writes

Drink green tea

Green tea contains antioxidants – substances that prevent the oxidation of body cells and slow down the aging of the body. Japanese women especially love the variety of matcha, which contains many useful substances.

It is believed that matcha enhances concentration and memory, gives vigor and relieves stress, so it is better to drink it in the morning or in the morning. The Japanese tea left at the bottom of the cup is applied to the area around the eyes and neck to moisturize the skin and soften wrinkles. In addition, matcha is an excellent antiseptic, so it is good for them to gargle and gargle if they bleed.

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