Bandamax premieres the new weekly program Night of Queens – El Sol de México

Via Bandmax the new weekly program Night of queens is released under the driving of Kaira Cobos, Eloísa Gutiérrez and Gabriela Carrillo, who will not only invite the exponents of the regional mexicanbut they will also comment on the outfit of the singers and other topics of fashion and feminine growth within the music.

Every Thursday from this day 22, Night of queens, for one hour, will be the music segment live from artists invited as in each broadcast there will be specialists who will delve into the weekly theme.

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In this regard, in an interview with El Sol de México, Kaira as driver of restricted television reported that Noche de Reinas is produced by Esteban González and where it is shown, “being in this broadcast I have had a long learning path until I was part of the Scent group and now I find myself in this new project that means a challenge to me”.

Kaira, even when she says she has been in the media since she was 10 years old, “I am nervous but I am very sure that everything will turn out well and we will be supported by people who are specialists in each topic to talk together”.

She added in the talk that she is supported by great co-workers such as Eloísa, originally from Bolivia, and Gabriela; who each have a different personality and different experiences, and who complement each other when giving their comments.

“Apart from the main theme about the protagonists of the regional mexican current Diana Reyes, Julia Palma, Alicia Villarreal and the late Jenny Rivera, and from the past such as Lucha Villa, Chavela Vargas, Amalia Mendoza La Tariácuri and other personalities who at the time raised the name of Mexico very high in the music”.

And she added: “we are three women in leadership who can well give our point of view on the topic addressed and in terms of the gender of the regional mexican”.

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Night of Queens, produced by Esteban González, hosted by Eloisa, Gabriela and Kaira, every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. on channel Bandmax of paid television, in the premiere they have Ingrid Lazper as a guest.

By the way, each broadcast since its premiere this 22 on the channel Bandmaxwill have its podcasts Night of Queens that you can search for on all digital platforms such as Youtube.

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