Arturo Zaldívar: criticism against the judges for the Ayotzinapa case is unfair

The Minister president of the supreme court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Arturo Zaldivarconsidered that the criticism issued by the federal government against the judges dedicated to resolving sentences related to the disappearance of the 43 young normalists of Ayotzinapa are “unfair”.

“These criticisms that have been made of the judges for the case Ayotzinapa It seems to me that they are deeply unfair and we do not accept them,” he said on Wednesday. during its conference monthly press.

The Minister thus responded to the remarks made, mainly by the Undersecretary of Human Rights, Population and Migration of the Ministry of the Interior, Alexander Encinaswhich since last week charged against the federal judge Samuel Ventura Ramos of Third Court of District in Federal Criminal Proceedings based in Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

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Ventura Ramos has been in the sights of undersecretary of Governorate after last 14 September issued an acquittal sentence in favor of 19 people, including Joseph Louis Abarcaformer president municipal of Equal to, Warriorfor the kidnapping of 43 young normalists of Ayotzinapa.

This Wednesday, the same judge released to others 24 defendants for the disappearance of 43 studentswith which there are already 120 presumed implicated who achieve their freedom thanks to a bug Fortune bouquetswhich generated the annoyance of Encinas.

in your account Twitterthe undersecretary of Governorate charged against him again and assured that “this is the Justice defended by the figureheads of the TRUE historical”.

For his part, the Minister President assured that the judges they emit related faults With these facts “they are doing what they should do”, since it has previously been proven that the witnesses and detainees by the then attorney General of the Republic (PGR) were victims of torture, so their statements are invalid.

“You will remember that there was a very celebrated sentence of a collegiate Court in Tamaulipas which practically determined that the entire investigation of the case Ayotzinapa was vitiated, that those who had been detained had been torturedthat the witnesses had been tortured, that the expert reports were biased (…) And this ruling, which was widely celebrated even by people close to the group of Ayotzinapawas going to bring consequences in relation to all the people who have been detained, so what has happened is that the judges have been issuing acquittal sentences, derived from the fact that there is a sentence from a collegiate judge where it says that all these people were tortured and that the entire procedure is partial,” he explained.

Therefore, he added, the criticism to which judges are subjected, including Fortune bouquetsshould be directed against the PGRan instance that would have to be questioned as to why it did not carry out the investigations correctly.

“I think that in this case, in principle, there could be exceptionsthe judges are doing what they should do, without much room for maneuverderived from the fact that it has been proven that all these people have been subjected to torture and that all the investigations have been irregular”, he concluded.

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