Armed attack in a pool hall in Tarimoro, Guanajuato, leaves 10 dead

During the night there was a slaughter inside a bar in the area known like the neighborhood in Tarimoro, Guanajuato where did subjects arrive armed who opened fire against 10 people who were inside, leaving them all lifeless.

Around 9:00 p.m. several calls were recorded to the central emergencies 911 to report on a armed attack in the street Independence number 43 of the downtown areainside a pool-bar called “the jugs”.

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Upon arrival of items Public security Municipal as first respondents located a total of 10 people who were injured by projectile of weapon of fire of thick calibernoting that cardboard allusive to a criminal group was found on the floor.

lifeguard elements of Civil protection gathered at the place with the intention of offering the first aid Due to the large number of reported injuries, however, they unfortunately determined that nine of them had lost their lives.

Paramedics managed to transport one person alive to the community hospital where unfortunately he lost his life minutes later while being treated by the doctors of emergencies.

As the minutes passed, people began to arrive with the intention of entering the premises to identify the bodies, since the families were uncertain and desperate to know if they were relatives and friends.

Members of the Mexican Army, National Guard, and Public Security were extensively cordoned off to preserve the evidence at the crime scene, where members of the State Attorney General’s Office later worked.

After several hours of gathering evidence to put together an investigation folder around the massacre, the order was given to the Forensic Medical Service to transfer the bodies to Guanajuato Capital where the lawful autopsy will be performed.

Note originally published in Evening News

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