An energy expert is sure that the EU will not agree on a “ceiling” of prices for Russian oil

Russian oil price ceiling
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It will be difficult for the European Union to reach a consensus when agreeing on a new package of sanctions against Russia, which is supposed to adopt a clause on limiting the price of Russian oil. Aleksey Grivach, Deputy Director General of the National Energy Security Fund, told Profile about this.

“I think that the EU is considering a ban for European companies to participate in transactions with Russian oil when it is sold at a higher price. The only thing is that they were going to introduce this at the G7 level anyway. But so far they have not been able to agree. However, inside It will also be difficult for the EU for them to reach a consensus on this issue. A number of countries will fight against this measure,” the expert believes.

According to him, the adoption of the eighth package of sanctions against Russia with a clause on the “ceiling” of oil prices may lead to a reduction in its supply on the market. This, in turn, will lead to rising prices, which will inevitably exacerbate the energy crisis in Europe.

Earlier it was reported that the next package of sanctions, which the European Union intends to introduce against Russia may relate to oil price caps, information technology and cybersecurity. New individuals may also be included in the sanctions list.

At the same time, the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry said that the EU should stop talking about the eighth package of anti-Russian sanctions. In his opinion, this will cause prices to rise, and in most countries of the world they believe that the energy crisis is not caused by the conflict in Ukraine, but by the sanctions policy.

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