AMLO says that they seek to discredit the government with protests by the 43 of Ayotzinapa before the FGR – El Sol de México

President Andres Manuel Lopez rejected yesterday’s Thursday protest to demand justice for the case of Ayotzinapa and assured that those who participated in it and threw firecrackers and stones at the offices of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) have interests to generate confrontations.

The president accused this Friday in his press conference that the intention of the protesters is to discredit his government.

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“I think there are interests, what they want is to confront us, discredit the government,” he said.

Yesterday, there was a protest over the disappearance of the 43 students from the normal school Ayotzinapa in 2014 that left 11 police officers injured in Mexico City, according to capital authorities.

However, the president said that his government maintains informed to the parents of the normalistas and that the case is investigated, but that there are people who do not want it to be clarified.

“The parents of the young people have been informed of everything we are doing, what happened is being clarified, punishing those responsible, without impunity, however, they are wanting exacerbate the situation because there are always people who do not want problems to be resolved, because they live off the conflict,” said López Obrador.

However, during the protest, the lawyer for the parents of the 43 normalistas, Vidulfo Rosales, demanded that the prosecutor Alejandro Gertz explain the progress in the arrests.

“That he explain to us, tell us, why he has delayed in executing the arrest warrants (of people linked to the case).”

Rosales said that far from ordering the arrests“deploys the police force to prevent us from reaching the doors of the prosecution”, reproached during the lawyer.

Given this, López Obrador questioned in his conference: “What is that of coming to the Prosecutor’s Office and throwing stones or bombs?”

The federal president took the opportunity to justify the fence that was placed for several months around the National Palace to protect it from possible damage.

“That’s why they put up fences in the National Palace, because they come with torches, imagine if we don’t put up fences they come and burn the National Palace,” he argued.

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