AMLO presents a survey on the extension of the Army in security tasks until 2028 – El Sol de México

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador presented this Friday a questionnaire with three questions to carry out a possible consultation next January to legalize the extension of the Armed forces in security tasks 2028.

After the senators from Morena decided not to discuss the minute that would extend the permanence of the army in the streets and return it to Commissions, the president said this Friday that he would like the questionnaire he presented today to be disseminated, so that “the permanence of the Army is not decided in a top-down way.”

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The 3 questions that López Obrador presented at his press conference this Friday express:

  • Do you agree with the creation of the National Guard and its performance so far?
  • Do you think that the armed forces, the Army and the Navy should continue doing public security work until 2028 or that they return to their barracks in March 2024?
  • What is your opinion, that the National Guard becomes part of the Ministry of National Defense or depends on the Ministry of the Interior?

This consultation is expected to be promoted from now until the end of the year and then to take place at the beginning of next year.

López Obrador recalled that the law prevents the formality to make a query in a hurry, so there must be an alternative mechanism to carry it out, which can be through the Secretary of the Interior.

Yesterday, Thursday, given the lack of votes to endorse the constitutional reform that seeks to extend the period of the Army’s participation in security tasks together with the National Guard, the president changed his mind and said that a consultation should be held.

That same Thursday, Senator Ricardo Montreal, leader of the ruling bloc and president of the Political Coordination Board in the upper house, assured that there are agreements with the opposition to prepare a opinion set that allows it to move forward, but with modifications.

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