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President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, denied during his morning conference that his security strategy “hugs not bullets” has failed and rejected that the sum of deaths in the country during his Government exceeds the total of victims of the two previous yearswhile maintaining that reduced the number of intentional homicides by 10.6 percent compared to 2019.

Mexico’s security strategy “hugs not bullets” is giving resultsPresident Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured.

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When the president was rebuked by the journalist Jorge Ramos in his morning press conference, regarding the fact that the 126 thousand 206 deaths that his administration accumulates in four years exceed the 124 thousand murders recorded during the PRI government Henry Pena and the 121 thousand from the PAN member Felipe Calderón, and that at the end of his government he could overcome the 190 thousand homicides, López Obrador responded that the figures were not true and assured that from 2019 to date he had reduced murders by 10 percent.

When the journalist reverted that there is no reduction in the incidence of homicides, since the accumulated number of deaths does not correspond to 10.6 percent, López Obrador replied that it does not coincide with the data of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System that Ramos and recomposed his speech by saying that he has achieved lower intentional homicides only two percent compared to the last year of the PRI government Enrique Peñabut insisted that his management takes into account four years of management.

“He has more deaths in four years than in the last two six-year terms, in 2019, 34 thousand murders, that is not 10 percent”, while the president replied: “But still Jorge is not in the six-year term or in what we have been 10.6, but in relation to the last year of Peña Nieto, a minimum decrease of 2 percent”, Jorge Ramos told the president.

The strategy against violence will not change

López Obrador also promised to reduce violence and that the projection of 190,000 deaths at the end of his regime will not be reached, which is why he maintained that he will not change his security strategy: “We are going to reduce and that is what keeps me calm and that is why I maintain that we are not going to change the strategy because it is giving us results”.

The president maintained that he has a clear conscience due to the results of his security policy and charged that his opponents do not want the transformation of the country to be achieved.

“They want the country to go badly so that it goes badly for us, because they are very offended, because they felt they were the owners of Mexico,” he argued.

López Obrador maintained that he is a very popular president and is above his American counterpart, Joe Biden. and other leaders of the world. In turn, the journalist Jorge Ramos commented that popularity does not translate into good results, to which the president responded ironically that Mexicans who give their opinion about his popularity “allow themselves to be manipulated” and pay the media. He then assured that the media in Mexico are against his government.

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The president concluded that the emergence of organized crime groups in Mexico proliferated with previous governments, but he assured that with the creation of the National Guard, it will be guaranteed that security does not collude with new governments.

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