Américo Villarreal, governor of Tamaulipas, assures that Cabeza de Vaca “orchestrated” a plan to stop him

The Governor-elect of Tamaulipas, Américo Villarreal Anayaaccused the current president, Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vacato orchestrate a plan to release an arrest warrant against him and arrest him nine days after the protest.

At a press conference, the brunette revealed that the acting governor changed the control judge, Miguel Moreno Castillo, from Altamira to Ciudad Victoria so that eight arrest warrants are released, among which he is presumably listed.

“We have received information that Francisco Javier Garcia Cabeza de Vaca met with a judge who unfortunately seems to have played a reprehensible game to process and release eight arrest warrants against elected authorities, party members and, apparently, against me,” exposed.

“This measure is unacceptable and we will not allow it… -it is- a shameful and sinister plan that seeks to impose judicial terror measures to break social peace”, he added.

He pointed out that the alleged arrest warrant could be linked to information in the United States that related him to organized crime and that it was already denied by the ambassador of this country, Ken Salazar.

“It is nothing more than a device of a stubbornness to continue managing and remaining in force in a state when its constitutional period has concluded,” he stressed.

arrest warrants

He accused that the current president removed a control judge from Ciudad Victoria who did not lend himself to releasing the orders, so Judge Miguel Moreno Castillo was transferred to the state capital.

“So that from here he issues these arrest warrants… against our municipal president -of Ciudad Victoria- Eduardo Gattás; again with Carlos Canturosas -former mayor of Nuevo Laredo and brother of the current Mayor Carmen Lilia Canturosas-, that with his people they have always had him in that political persecution and Manuel Muñoz Cano and it is being mentioned that it is very likely that my person is as a result of journalistic dissemination that is being done “, he declared while showing Judge Moreno Castillo’s exchange document.

The brunette said that if the arrest is carried out they will defend themselves, although at this time it is not possible to process an amparo.

Américo Villarreal pointed out that they want to affect his image

Anaya Villarreal said he had the support of his party and even the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who in the morning conference this Wednesday said he had a good concept of him.

“The president gave us the greatest support today, the trust he has placed in me and my family and the certainty of our trust that we will never betray at any time,” pointed.

The governor electwho will take office on Saturday, October 1, accused that there is an interest in affecting his image before the magistrates of the Federal Electoral Court that are yet to validate the election made last 5th June.

“The election file is closed, it is concluded. It has been valued by all instances… the only way they can make a situation from the electoral point of view is that they annex new circumstances that are not contained in the electoral legal truth”, raised.

He indicated that by not having another way to defend himself, his opponents seek to influence the perception of the magistrates.

“To be bombing and taking out all this type of gadgets to create a false perception… so that the magistrates modify that perception in their final assessment in accordance with evidence that is not contained in the file,” he claimed.

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Americo Villarrealwho denounced this Wednesday that Cow’s head He “orchestrated” the plan to arrest him, he also showed a document in which he asserted, denying that his son, Humberto Francisco Villarreal Santiago, had a bank account in the Netherlands.

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