All foreign cruise liners refused to work with the port of Sochi against the backdrop of a special operation

Marine station in Sochi

Marine station in Sochi


Last year, 19 foreign ships announced their cooperation with the port of Sochi. However, after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, they all refused contracts with the Sochi sea harbor. This significantly affected the revenues of the port.

This was told by the General Director of the enterprise Yuri Vladimirov, transmits RIA Novosti on Thursday, September 22. “Foreign companies, they declare on a cruise, set themselves the point of arrival of Sochi. Last year, 19 cruises were announced, but all of them refused after February. We have completely lost this entire component,” Vladimirov said.

According to him, international cruises mainly ran from Europe. The director of the port of Sochi emphasized that contracts with foreign companies on cruises made up an impressive profitable part of the enterprise. Therefore, their departure created an additional problem in maintaining the infrastructure of the resort harbor.

At the same time, against the backdrop of a special operation and closed airports in southern Russia, the number of intercity flights increased, which increased passenger traffic by 70% over the summer, Vladimirov noted. Passenger growth was also driven by the launch of Astoria Grande, the only major cruise ship to date. It runs from Sochi to Turkey. Since mid-summer, the ship has managed to serve more than five thousand vacationers.

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