Advantages of laser cutting and engraving machines (September 21, 2022)

Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages, and after considering them, the choice is most often made in favor of laser machines, which can be purchased at

Differences between mechanical and laser processing

Milling and turning machines are used for machining workpieces. The essence of this technology is the mechanical action of a wedge-shaped hard cutter on the part, which leads to partial chipping of the material, loss of structural integrity and removal of its individual layers in the form of chips from the treated area. Due to the variety of designs of such equipment, it is possible to ensure high quality processing for certain conditions and a specific type of finished product.

The basis of laser processing technology is the point impact of a laser beam on the surface of a part, as a result of which it acquires the required shape due to the evaporation of the material.

Advantages of Laser Processing Machines

There is a significant similarity between the designs of a milling machine and laser equipment – in both cases, the part is placed on the desktop, and a tool portal moves above it along the processing route in accordance with the commands of the CNC system, which is driven by electric motors. Due to this similarity, milling machines and laser equipment provide approximately the same processing results. But the processing itself in each case is characterized by important nuances, on which the choice of one of the two described technologies depends.

Milling of a part consists in the physical impact of the cutting wedge on the surface of the part. To ensure high quality cuts, it is necessary to use a stable cutter that meets the following requirements:

  • powerful spindle;
  • suitable geometry of the cutting tool;
  • rigid design of the machine;
  • selection of suitable cutting modes;
  • removal of chips from the cutting zone.

In addition, in some cases, the use of a cutting tool cooling system is required. Laser equipment performs non-contact processing, and therefore has undeniable advantages. One of them is that there is no wear on the cutting tool – the power of the laser beam remains constant at all times. Another advantage lies in the small scale of intervention in the material – the laser beam acts pointwise, due to which the thickness of the engraving line or cut seam is about one millimeter.

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