About 80 women and children suffered from domestic violence in Atyrau

ATYRAU. KAZINFORM – In Atyrau, 26 women and 52 children who suffered from domestic violence were placed in a crisis center, Kazinform correspondent reports.

“The facts of family and domestic conflicts make up the bulk of the calls to the police. These are the results of daily monitoring of calls received at the 102 console. During the day, about 30 calls related to domestic violence are recorded. Of these, about 20 come at night,” the press service of the Atyrau Oblast DP reported.

Statistics show that in 80% of cases the offender is forgiven by citizens who turn to the police for help. As a result, after a while the situation in the family repeats itself again.
“Daily monitoring of calls from citizens received at the operator’s console 102 is carried out to identify persons who have been subjected to violence in the family and household sphere. Preventive work is carried out with these families, district inspectors check family aggressors at their place of residence. Any violence in the family should not be allowed not only physically, but also morally and psychologically. Since the beginning of the year, 26 women and 52 children have been placed in the crisis center,” the press service of the Regional Democratic Party said.

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