A unique automated line for the assembly of railway tracks was launched near Smolensk

At the Vyazma-Bryanskaya station in the Smolensk region, a modernized line for the assembly of a rail-sleeper grid, developed by Russian specialists, was put into operation.

The new technology will double the output, TASS reports with reference to the press service of the Moscow Railway (MZhD).

“At the Vyazma-Bryanskaya station in the Smolensk region, the first automated line for the assembly of rail-sleeper lattice with all types of fasteners was opened in Russia. It is based on the domestic development of the Khabarovsk Center of the Design Bureau for Infrastructure – a branch of Russian Railways. The new production line will double the production output – from 500 to 1,000 linear meters per day,” the message says.

It is clarified that production has been launched on the territory of an enterprise with access roads, which simplifies the delivery of materials and the export of finished products. The assembly of railway tracks is carried out in a special workshop on an automated line that performs a full cycle of work; the process is controlled by the operator.

Ready-made links of the rail-sleeper grid are delivered to the laying site at the Moscow Railway range. According to the head of the Moscow Railways, Valery Tanaev, an annual repair campaign is carried out at the landfill, during which over 300 km of track will be updated in 2022 alone. “The introduction of new technologies will help increase labor productivity and the quality of repair work,” Tanaev said.

During the modernization, the working conditions of workers were improved, including those who underwent additional training, the press service of the Moscow Railways emphasized.

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